Samsung India Interview Questions – Set 4

Company : Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore (SRI – Bangalore) earlier known as Samsung Electronics India Software Operations (SISO)

Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore is one of Samsung’s Research & Development centers among other global R&D hubs.

Campus Placement Process:
Written Test > Interview > HR

Written (Aptitude Test):

The test had 2 sections.
The first section had 80-90% of the questions on Data Interpretation and rest on Quant.
The second had all the questions on Logical Reasoning.

Tech Interview Questions :

Q1. find the length of string without using inbuilt methods in java?

Q2. Explain Producer Consumer ?

Q3. About about function pointer , how to call a function using function pointer.

Q4. What are call back functions.Why they are useful.

Q5. How to implement stack using BST?

Q6. What is cache ? How it is used and mapped the physical address cache and virtual address cache?

Q7. Given two numbers. I have to find the number of bit which are required to change in binary conversion of 1st number so that It get converted into second number. I have to simply compare the bits of both the numbers and whenever the bit is different increase count by 1 and return count at the end.

Technical round followed by a HR round which was just a formality.

All The Best.

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