Samsung Interview Questions – Set 3

Samsung Bangalore placement process consists of three sections:
1.Written test
2.Technical interview
3.HR interview

The questions are easy to crack provided you understand the questions well.

Technical Questions:
Questions from Algorithms,Computer Networks,Data Structures,Database Management,Operating Systems(IMP).

Q1. You are given a string and a number.Count the no of ‘-’ characters in the string and return 1 if the count is equal to the number given or else return 0.

Q2. Write the functions to create a stack and to delete a node from the stack.

Q3. Write the code for producer-consumer problem using mutex.

Q4. Differences between Mutex and Semaphore. Why do we need Mutex if we have Semaphores.

Q5. Explain the concept of virtual addressing and the allocation of virtual addresses during the execution of program.

Q6. What is deadlock? how to prevent deadlock?

Q7. Write a program to find the duplicate in the array(only one duplicate is present in the array)?

Q8. Consider we have large amount of physical memory.Do we still need virtual memory? What is the use of paging in that situation.

Q9. How do you find the middle of the linked list?

Q10. Time complexity of building a heap using linked list and arrays.

They stressed mostly on the OS during my interview mainly on Semaphores,mutex,monitors,Deadlocks,virtual memory concepts,virtual addressing concepts,paging and segmentation etc. One question for sure on Binary trees,linked lists,stacks or queues.

I hope this will help you.

Thanks author for sharing your detailed interview experience. We congratulate you and wish you best of luck. :-)

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  1. Ans for Q7: We can find repeated element in O(n) time using hashmap….

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