Samsung Interview Questions

Samsung India Interview Questions – Set 4

Company : Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore (SRI – Bangalore) earlier known as Samsung Electronics India Software Operations (SISO) Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore is one of Samsung’s Research & Development centers among other global R&D hubs. Campus Placement Process: Written Test > Interview > HR Written (Aptitude Test): The test had 2 Read More →

Samsung Interview Questions – Set 3

Samsung Bangalore placement process consists of three sections: 1.Written test 2.Technical interview 3.HR interview Aptitude: The questions are easy to crack provided you understand the questions well. Technical Questions: Questions from Algorithms,Computer Networks,Data Structures,Database Management,Operating Systems(IMP). Q1. You are given a string and a number.Count the no of ‘-’ characters in the string and return Read More →

Samsung (SEL) Interview Questions – Set 2

Company : SAMSUNG SEL (Software Engineering LAB) Noida Round 1 (Written Test) 1. GSAT(Global Samsung Aptitude Test) 2. 30 Q. 2 be done in 30 min. *with -ve marking* (25 Q. from. C,C++ n D.S. and 5 from O.S.) Round 2: Q1. They asked me to rate myself in subjects C, C++, D.S, O.S., NETWORKING? Read More →

Samsung R&D interview questions – Campus Placement

I appeared for Samsung R&D Bengaluru in MNIT campus interview recently. I would like to contribute for CrazyforCode by sharing my experience. First of all I would like to thanks crazyforcode for maintaining such a good website. Technical Interview :- Q1. Detailed discussion on the project that I had did in summers(I had did that Read More →