SAP Labs Interview Questions – Set 3 (On Campus)

Type: Campus Placement Candidate Experience
Company: SAP Labs
College: NIT Delhi

Hi guys , SAP Labs came to our campus. These are some questions they asked me

Round 1:
Q1. Find Minimum and Maximum of an array in only one traversal.
Q2. Given a chessboard find the maximum number of squares present?
Q3. What is C++? Difference between deep and shallow copy?
Q4. What is pre initialization ?

Round 2:
Q1. Reverse a linked list with and without using Recursion
Q2. Copy constructor?
Q3. Different types of polymorphism, the diamond problem, and how can it be avoided?
Q4. Questions about Virtual
Q5. Template classes
Q6. Write a program for an operator(=) such that it behaves differently for integer and character.

Round 3:
Q1. Given an array, sort the zeroes from non zeros
for example
Input: 1 2 0 0 7 4 42 0 0 0 6
Output: 1 2 7 4 42 6 0 0 0 0 0
Q2. class hierarchy, List the number of VTables created
Q3. When to use List and Vector of Standard Template Library ?
Q4. Given a string “I LOVE CODING”, print “CODING LOVE I”

Round 4 – HR
He asked me how should I weigh Howrah bridge and asked to give any answer I like, normal or wacky. My answer was very normal so I not gonna write that.
And then questions about my weakness and strength, my previous company, reason to change etc.

Thanks Crazyforcode for all content and platform you provide.

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