Sap Labs Interview Questions

SAP Labs Interview Questions – Set 3 (On Campus)

Type: Campus Placement Candidate Experience Company: SAP Labs College: NIT Delhi Hi guys , SAP Labs came to our campus. These are some questions they asked me Round 1: Q1. Find Minimum and Maximum of an array in only one traversal. Q2. Given a chessboard find the maximum number of squares present? Q3. What is Read More →

SAP Labs Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: SAP Labs Profile: Senior Software Engineer(Exp. 5 years) Salary: 7-8.5 LPA When: Feb 2015 I applied through an employee referral. The process took a day – interviewed at SAP in February 2015. Round 1: The interviewer had good work experience. She was polite and calm. After brief introduction she straight jumped into my current Read More →

SAP Labs Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: SAP Lab Aptitude Round consisting of: 1. Quantitative aptitude 2. English 3. Logical reasoning 4. Coding questions (Though Questions were all simple, time management was important) Interview details : – Round 1: Q1. Questions mainly on C, OOPS concepts of C++, basic Java concepts, Data structures and puzzles (standard ones) . Q2. Questions about Read More →