Sapient Interview – Set 1

Company : Sapient Global Markets
College : MNIT Jaipur
CTC : 4.5LPA (Bond Agreement of 1.5 years which includes 6 months of Training Period)

I would add here that SGM is majorly into developing Trading application. SGM – GlobalMarketInstitute would provide you with 6 months of training in technology(Java/DotNet) and Finance(Share/Exchange/Equities etc), which would be a great experience. Hence a knowledge and interest in Share Trading stuff is highly appreciated if you plan to grow your career in Sapient Global Markets.

Selection Process :-

Online Test:

Vendor based online test consisting of 4 sections – Maths, Logical Reasoning, English and Technical(C/C++/DS/Debugging based Questions). This includes Sectional CutOff as well.

Technical Interview:

Another One on One Interview. Technical Questions on Languages/DataBases and Projects/Internships mentioned by you in your Resume. Lots of Puzzles.
In my case the Interviewer asked me questions on Database(3-4 queries),PHP,HTML,CSS,Internship,C/C++ Basics. Also I had 4 puzzles.
Q1. 8 Balls puzzle, one defective?
Q2. Inheritence in java?
Q3. Overloading and Overridding?
Q4. WAP to check if no is palindrom or not?
Q5. Primary key and Composite key?
Q6. Normalisation?
Q7. Without lifting the pen meet 9 point arranged in squre of 3×3, using 4 lines?

HR/Attribute Interview:

Q1. If I am ready to relocate anywhere in India or Outside upon company needs.
Q2. If I am ready to accept a project in Java, if Sapient had trained you in DotNet earlier.
Q3. Why I want to join Sapient.
Q4. My Expectations from Sapient.
Q5. What is Counter Strike. ( I mentioned winning a couple of gaming events in my Resume)
Q6. What is Trading/Stocks/Exchange. (I had shown my interest in these things by mentioning the development of DalalStreet website by me)
Q7. What are you proud of apart from your website DalalStreet and a few more.

Key : Just be yourself and be Confident in whatever you say. Show your eagerness to learn things (even if you don’t want to ). If you don’t know anything, Confidently speak up you don’t know. They hardly care, they only see if you are willing to learn.

Thanks¬†Rakesh¬†for contributing this article. If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

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