Sapient Nitro Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Sapient
Written test is conducted by Aspiring Minds which consists of 4 sections:–
1) English
2) General Aptitude
3) Programming concepts
4) Logical reasoning

There are 2 interviews round
1) Technical
2) HR

Profile Offered : Trainee Technology
Pay Scale : CTC- 4.23LPA/Now it may be different . Bond: 1.5 year
Eligibility Criteria : Greater than 6.5 CGPA

Let me share my interview process with Sapient. As I did not find any helpful papers before attending interview.

The initial test was amcat test, which consisted of aptitude, english comprehension(which was annoying because they ask a lot of unknown word meanings), C and C++ basic concepts. I cleared that test.

The next round was a domain round in which he asked these kind of questions.

1) Tell me about yourself?
2) Describe your project?
3) What is the difference between C and C++?
4) What is the difference between for and while loop?
5) Write a program to add two numbers without using + operator.
6) How to you reverse a string without using any looping and inbuilt functions?
7) How many queues will you use to implement a priority queue?
8) Which datastructure would you use to implement an heteregenous array?

Now it was time for Puzzles which had more weightage I guess.

1) You are given a match-box and two candles of equal size, which can burn 1 hour each. You have to measure 90 minutes with these candles. (There is no scale or clock). How do you do?
2) You have 8 balls which are identical(completely). You are given a weighing scale. How many times would you measure to get the odd ball out?
3) Three friends rent a room for Rs.30 by paying Rs.10 each. The owner decides to give them a discount Rs.5 and gives it to the broker. The broker who a cunning man takes Rs.2. and returns one rupee to each of them. So the sum paid by each person would be Rs.9 which adds upto Rs.27 and the broker took Rs.2 ,so the total is Rs.29 where did that Re.1 go?

Sapient(Trust me it’s an awesome company .Be strong in technical area.

Thanks Akhilesh for sharing your interview experience. Best Of Luck. :)

One Thought on “Sapient Nitro Interview Questions – Set 1

  1. Harman on April 19, 2015 at 6:12 pm said:

    What is the eligibility criteria of sapient?
    Will it look 10 and +2 marks ?

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