Shopclues Interview Questions – Set 1

Hi my name is Surender. Shopclues recently visited our campus for recruitment.I’m mentioning below there interview process and the interview questions asked.

Three Rounds(1 written + 2 interviews)

Round 1 (Written Test)

It consisted of eleven aptitude questions which were to be solved in one hour.
For software profile there were five more questions based on C and Data Structures along with these 11 question.

Round 2 (Interview)

Q1. Reverse every k elements in a Singly linkedlist.

Q2. Given a 2D array and a list of valid words, find all the valid words in the array.

Q3. Given a 2D matrix with 0s & 1s, consider all 0s as water & 1s as land. Find the islands in the matrix.

Round 3 (Interview)

Q1. A file is given which consists of 3 columns : date, city and temperature. For ex:
Date City Temperature
09-11-2015 Delhi 45
09-11-2015 Bangalore 24
09-11-2015 Ranchi 28

and it should support following type of queries:
1) What is the temperature of Bangalore on 9th November?
2) Give 5 hottest/coldest cities name on 9th November

You can preprocess the data and keep it in way that above query can be done in minimal time.
Which data structure will you use and how will you store the data?

Q2. Design LRU cache ?


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