Snapdeal Interview Questions (On Campus) – Set 3

Company: Snapdeal
Position: Software Developer

Round 1:

First round was online written round.It consists of 25 Questions.

22 MCQ’s and 3 Coding questions. Written Test was conducted by hackerrank.

Q1. Check for balanced parentheses in an expression.

Q2. Given an array where each element is the money a person have and there is only Rs. 3 note.We need to check whether it is possible to divide the money equally among all the persons or not.If it is possible then find Minimum number of transactions needed.

Q3. Find next greater number with same set of digits.

Round 2:

F2F Technical Interview

Q1. Diameter of binary tree.

Q2. C++ concept like polymorphism,inheritance,function overloading,virtual function,virtual destructor etc.

Q3. Next greater Element (full code) .

Q4. A sorted Array has been rotated r times to the left. find the minimum in least possible time(O(logn) expected).

Round 3:

Q1. Write a program to print “Hello” and “World” infinitely using two threads, such that one thread prints the String “Hello” and the other prints “World”!
– Why sleep() cannot be used?
– Why have you used synchronized keyword?
– How will a deadlock occur in this program?
– What will be the solution for breaking the deadlock?

Q2. Write a program in Java to find whether a given tree is a subtree of another one or not?

Round 4 : HR Round

Q1. Tell me something about yourself?

Q2. How were the interviews?

Q3. How were the interview questions?

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