Snapdeal Interview Questions – Set 2

Recently Snapdeal came to our campus.

Online Test-
22 (MCQ) +2 (Coding) in 1 hr. Test conducted on hackerrank
22 MCQ had almost 10 aptitude and 12 C output based questions.
Coding Question:
Q1. Given a string of parenthesis only, check if it’s valid or not.
Q2. Given points of two lines segments A(x1,y1 x2,y2) & B(x3,y3 x4,y4) find whether the 2 segments intersect or not.

Round 1:
Q1. Little discussion on Final Year Project and the summer training.
Q2. Basics of DBMS, difference between RDBMS and DBMS, Keys and its types, indices, joins and its types with example, normalization and denormalization.
Q3. A simple program to check whether a number is palindrome or not.

Round 2:
Q1. How would you design DBMS for Snapdeal’s website’s shoe section.
Now if you want to further break it into Sports and Casual Shoe would you break the DB into two or add another entity?
Q2. DNS – Domain name servers : what are they , how do they operate?

Round 3:
Q1. There are two sorted arrays. First one is of size m+n containing only ‘first’ m elements. Another one is of size n and contains n elements. Merge these two arrays into the first array of size m+n such that the output is sorted.
Q2. Find square root of a number
I gave an iterative O(n) solution , He told me to optimize : I did it in O(logn) with binary search.
Further optimize to O(1) : I got stuck ,after a lot of discussion on different techiniques he gave me a hint that he would be using my function a lot of times then I immediately told him to use hash maps and save the previous results.

HR Round:
If you have made till here that means you are selected.The HR guy in snapdeal is the coolest HR I have met .He asked me name of the campanies that have hired me till now,I gave him their names.


One Thought on “Snapdeal Interview Questions – Set 2

  1. Satyam Chaddha on April 19, 2015 at 8:05 pm said:

    In my college, snapdeal came for “Software Engineer in Test” and 14 were shorllisted for technical interviews out of which only 4 got till the HR Rounds. There were 2 technical rounds and 1 hr for all 4 of us.
    Due to late timings, mine was the last one around 9:30 pm. This was on friday and they told results they will announce later.Till now no responses.

    Any idea how positive their responses are?

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