Talentica Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Talentica

Interview Details – First round telephonic technical interview followed by F2F interview technical.

Telephonic Round:
There I was asked basics of web development (e.g Session, hidden variable difference between POST and GET etc. ) and basics of PHP e.g global variables etc , little bit of mysql e.g joins , difference between left and right joins.

F2F Rounds:
Q1. Core java – collections, multi threading, OOPs concepts etc
Q2. WAP to find seconds largest no in Array?
Q3. Asked me to implement Singleton design pattern?
Q4. Write a program for auto complete text box without using AJAX toolkit?
Q5. Design a shopping cart? Class structure, Database structure everything?
Q6. How to handle multiple requests to web application?
Q7. Difference between TCP and UDP? Which one will you use for live streaming?
Q8. What is the difference between Thread and Process? What do you understand with IPC?

This was pretty much about interview rounds. I got the offer. :)

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