Tower Research Interview Questions – Set 1

Tower Research Capital LLC is a financial services firm located in New York that specializes in quantitative trading and investment strategies. Founded in 1998, Tower develops proprietary trading algorithms by using rigorous statistical methodology to identify non-random patterns in the behavior of markets. Exploiting these inefficiencies allows the firm to earn exceptional returns while mitigating risk.

There was a written test on campus a couple of days before the final interviews. On the day of final interviews, there were 3 interviews, candidates were eliminated after each round.

Interview Questions:

Q1: Describe any design pattern

Q2: OOP design for any of the three problems:
a. Filesystem
c. Chess game
Q3: What data structures in Python have you used? What does dictionary in Python resemble to
in Java?

Q4: What algorithm is used in Dictionary/ Hashmap/ Hash table

Q5: Write a code (the very basic one) in Python to filter even no’s from a given list. If the list is very big, what in your code might contribute to a memory problem? How will you solve it? The answer was to use Yield.

Q6: How will you check if the MSB in a positive integer is 0/1?

Q7: What is binary tree? What are the algorithms to traverse a binary tree?

Q8: You are given a very big list of positive integer. You need to find out if any two items in the list sum up to an integer, say x. Solve it in an efficient manner.

Mathematical Puzzle:
Given a sphere, find the maximum number of points can be placed on the surface of the sphere such that all are equidistant from each other.

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