Urbanclap Interview Experience – Set 1

I applied through recruiter. The process took two days and Questions asked was both algorithm based and design based.Interviewer was very Helpful and Friendly.Culture and Working Environment is very Nice.

Interview Questions:

Q1. Intro about me and my current work.

Q2. Work experience in android.

Q3. Asked me to tell about the app I am working on and asked me about my role in that and then asked me to explain a specific feature which I implemented.

Q4. Difference between hash set and hash map. I told the difference and also said that internal implementation of hash set uses hash map to back its implementation which itself uses hash table.

Q5. He asked me if I am using any custom view in app or not.

Q6. Enter two strings from command line and check whether any substring present in first string that follows the pattern of second sting.. They asked to implement regular expressions for * and backslash without built in functions.

“abcd” “a*cd” answer : yes
“aaaa” “a*” answer : yes
“a*c” “a\*c” answer:yes
“adsd” “ad” answer:no

Q7. Give a Binay Tree, print the shortest path between two given nodes.

HR Interview:

How will you add value to UrbanClap if you are hired for this role?

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