Verizon Interview – On Campus – Set 1

Company : Verizon
College : NIT Patna
Branches Allowed: CSE, ECE, EEE, IT
Eligibility Criteria: CGPA 7.00 and above

The process consisted of two rounds – first, Written Test and second, Interview (Technical and HR).

Round 1:

The written test had 75 questions and we were allotted 80 minutes for the same.There were four sections: Verbal, Analytical, Attention to Detail and Technical (C and Data Structures).

First, there was the verbal section. Basically, questions on articles, synonyms and antonyms were asked. Two passages were also given and related questions were asked. The analytical section included questions from quant (set theory, data sufficiency, cubes,etc.) and Logical Reasoning.
The third section was the easiest and did not require any special preparation. From a group of patterns, we had to determine if they were alike or different.
The fourth was the technical section and had 5 questions each from C and DS. This was the toughest section.

Time management is absolutely important. There were sectional cutoffs and so we had to clear each section.

Round 2:

It was the PI round. First, we had the technical interview. Various questions on C and Data Structures were asked.
Q1. Array sorting – Bubble sort and its complexity?
Q2. Various storage classes in C? Difference between auto, static?
Q3. Questions on Pointers, memory management, scope of variables, etc were asked.

Next, we had the HR interview. Here, the usual questions were asked. Some of them were:
Q1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q2. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Q3. What are your interests?
Q4. Are you ready to relocate?

Also, questions from what I had written in my CV were asked.

On the whole, the interview went quite well. And finally, I was selected.

Thanks Ankita for contributing this article. If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] or write it here: Google Form . We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

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