Verizon Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: Verizon
Profile : Software Developer

Round 1 (Aptitude round):
Consisted of Quantitative aptitude, Logical reasoning, Data Interpretation and English.(Time management is important)

Round 2 (The next round was GD):
A topic was given to a group of 10 members, out of which 5 spoke for and 5 against.

Round 3 (Technical Interview round):

1. Basic coding question from C, Data Structures and DBMS.
2. Questions from java and C++ (as it was mentioned in the resume)
3. The main point of concentration was projects and training
4. Some people were also asked questions related to data communication and basic electronics.

Round 4 (HR Round):

1. Questions like ‘Tell me about yourself’. (Try to create a good impression)
2. Questions on your personality. Show confidence while answering. The HR might try to oppose what you say and see how you react.
3. Standard puzzles?
4. Questions like, ‘Why do you want to join Verizon?’, ‘Why should we hire you?’

Thanks Naveen for contributing this article. If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] or write it here: Google Form . We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

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