Yatra.com Interview Questions

Recently I got an opportunity to appear for Yatra.com interview fro Senior Software Developer Java position. I would like to shrae it with CrazyforCode.

Round 1 (Technical):

Q1. Find whether a binary tree is BST or NOT?
Q2. Reverse a linked list recursively?
Q3. Quick sort?
Q4. Given 2 arrays, need to merge them and final array should be sorted?
Q5. Difference between hash map and hash table?

Round 2 (Technical):

Q1. Tell about your current role and assignment?
Q2. Generate all possible combinations of String recursively?
Q3. Given a binary tree, find whether all leaves are at same level or not.
Q4. Few questions on multi-threading and synchronization?
Q5. Array List and Linked list?

HR Round:

Q1. Why do you want to change?
Q2. What is your biggest achievement etc?

To crack Yatra interview Java, Data Structures and Algorithms concepts should be clear.

Thanks Sunil for sharing your experience with us. If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

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