Zomato Interview Questions – Set 1

I applied through a recruiter. Then I got a call from Zomato HR. It was for LAMP developer profile. She asked me about my profile and also shared some expectations from the role. She asked me to come for F2F rounds to take the process further.

Technical Interviews (F2F Rounds)

Round 1:

Q1. Write a regex for email validation?

Q2. Parse the XML? and store the output in JSON. Discussed different approaches?

Q3. Print prime numbers in a given range and optimize the solution?

Q4. Puzzle – 25 horses – 5 lanes, find fastest 3 horses?

Round 2 with CTO:

Q1. Web related questions on Sessions and cookies?

Q2. A lot of discussion on my resume, experience etc.

Q3. Find angle between hour hand and minute hand in clock if time is given? Write a program or pseudo code?

Q4. A hash function was written to convert a string into a hash. Write a un-hash function to revert it(from hash to string)?

Round 3 with CEO:

He discussed about expectations and role. Asked me if I have any questions. He said to me “yaha aana hai to marwani padegi. tyar ho”? I smiled and asked what are the work timings? He said 9-9 and I was kind of shocked. I said fine. That’s it.

Overall process was not very tough. But they have start up culture. People work their for 11-12 hours a day. Sometimes on Saturday as well. So people who are geeks or have nothing in life to do except their job can go and join. :)

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