ZS Associates Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: ZS Associates
Profile: Business Analyst Associate

Written exam: This section contains basic aptitude questions – logical reasoning, math and english (vocabulary and comprehension). It is an outsourced test conducted by Aspiring Minds.

Round 2 (Case Study):

A 10-12 page case study would be given with a lot of data, tables, graphs and you need to solve it in 40 mins. Total 3 segments with 2 questions per segment. Later you need to debrief the case study to the interviewer and need to defend your answers. To answer these, you will have to apply basic Math and logical reasoning.

The catch here is the debriefing interview where you will have to explain your reasoning and math behind each answer. The interviewer will try and point out flaws in your approach. You should be able to defend your reasoning by providing answers to the pointed-out-flaws. The interviewer will also ask other questions around the given case to test some more of your logic.
If you are able to defend your case, you would have rocked the round. The round is to simply test the application of data and rationale.

Round 3:

Behavioral. Resume based questions, questions on your 4 years of college life, questions on your final year project. Guesstimate, brain teasers, puzzles etc. are also asked.

Round 4 (HR interview):

This round is taken by one of the seniormost employees in India. In this round, the interviewer will ask you questions about your personal and professional lives. About your hobbies, strengths, weaknesses and so on.
A few common questions would be:
i) Why do you want to join ZS?
ii) What are your strengths/weaknesses in professional and personal environments?
iii) How was your experience in your previous company, if any?
iv) What extra would you bring to ZS if you are selected?

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