ZS Associates Interview Questions – Set 1

Organization: ZS Associates

Position: Business Operations Associate

Selection Process: Written + Interview (3-4 Rounds) (*As in 2010, but probably the process has changed now. Get in touch with your immediate seniors.)

Written test: 3-4 aptitude questions (CAT type) + 2 subjective HR questions


Round 1: Case Study
You will be given a case and supporting data about the case. There are no standard cases and hence there is no point discussing the case which I faced. There are 3-4 questions based on the case mainly to gauge your logical thinking and common sense. Try to write whatever you think and do that in a structured manner. Prep case solving using internet (lot of material is available).

Round 2: HR Interview
Generic questions on leadership, initiative taking, team playing etc. Just prep well before the interview. Follow a systematic approach in all the answers: Describe the context/situation, describe what you did, what you learnt, impact of your actions and finally generalize the learning lesson by demonstrating how you can utilize that lesson in your workplace.

Round 3: Principal Round
Its mainly an extension of HR round but you should be ready to face some weird apti questions and puzzles. I was asked a very interesting question which fortunately I was able to solve (do not remember the details now, but remember using calculus for that puzzle :-|). Rest of the interaction is about the job role and your fit. Keep asking smart and engaging questions. The interviewer will be the head of the office who is a partner. So, this round counts a lot. Anyways your chances are good if you have reached this round because generally it is the last round. Yes, FYI, all rounds are elimination rounds.

Hope it helps. ATB :)

Thanks Punnet for sharing your interview experience.

One Thought on “ZS Associates Interview Questions – Set 1

  1. Shreyasi Mazumdar on February 24, 2015 at 11:34 am said:

    what sort of hr questions are asked in the written test?

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