Directi Interview Questions (Internship)

Company: DirectI (Internship)
Stipend : 50k / month

Round 1:
Online coding round (90 mins)

To proceed to interviews, either 1 of the 2 questions needed to be completely solved.
Q 1: Brute Force with minor optimization.
Q 2: Constructing a tree and finding its diameter.

Round 2:
It was a telephonic round which lasted about 45 minutes. Questions were explained through an online collaborative editor. We needed to write our solutions in the same editor. Code could be written in any language or psuedo code.

Two problems were asked. One boiled down to a greedy event simulation problem and other was an optimal subset construction problem.

Round 3:
Process similar to the last round. Questions little trickier and duration longer. it lasted above an hour.

Q1. Write a function which compress string AAACCCBBD to A3C3B2D and other function to generate from the compressed.

Q2. Suggest an efficient algorithm for grouping k colored balls given n balls arranged in some random order.

Q3. Given a string in the form of a Linked List, check whether the string is palindrome or not. Don’t use extra memory. Give the time complexity. The node structure is

Class Node {
          Char data;
          Node next;

Q4. Given an array of distinct random numbers, find number of complete max heaps possible.

Round 4:
Interviewer went through the resume, asked about the projects and stuffs in it.

Then he asked variety of questions from networking (HTTP, DNS, DHCP), OS (Multithreading concepts and situations), DBMS (indexing, performance, data structures used in DBMS).


1. Inefficient solution is better than no solution.
2. Be well prepared for the technical interview, which is not really a walk in the park. Don’t ignore OS, DBMS, and networking. Know the projects listed in your resume well, as the interviewer might go really *deep* into any of your project.”

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