Citi Bank Interview Questions – Set 1

Company : Citi Bank College: DCE The first round was a Online written round. A third party platform, amcat, conducted it. There were different sections from Basic Programming knowledge MCQ, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and a couple of coding questions. The test was adaptive, although there wasn’t any negative marking, but you could not go Read More →

Directi Interview Questions (Internship)

Company: DirectI (Internship) Stipend : 50k / month Round 1: Online coding round (90 mins) To proceed to interviews, either 1 of the 2 questions needed to be completely solved. Q 1: Brute Force with minor optimization. Q 2: Constructing a tree and finding its diameter. Round 2: It was a telephonic round which lasted about 45 Read More →

SAP Labs Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: SAP Lab Aptitude Round consisting of: 1. Quantitative aptitude 2. English 3. Logical reasoning 4. Coding questions (Though Questions were all simple, time management was important) Interview details : – Round 1: Q1. Questions mainly on C, OOPS concepts of C++, basic Java concepts, Data structures and puzzles (standard ones) . Q2. Questions about Read More →

Mu Sigma Interview Questions – Set 1

Company : Mu Sigma Branches Allowed : All BE CTC : 18 Lacks for 3 years Round 1: Aptitude with little bit of simple coding. Round 2: A video clip was shown and the importance of it was to be written down Round 3: Two rounds of GD. Topics: a. if pigs could fly b. Read More →

Verizon Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: Verizon Profile : Software Developer Round 1 (Aptitude round): Consisted of Quantitative aptitude, Logical reasoning, Data Interpretation and English.(Time management is important) Round 2 (The next round was GD): A topic was given to a group of 10 members, out of which 5 spoke for and 5 against. Round 3 (Technical Interview round): 1. Read More →

Microsoft Interview Questions (Internship) – Set 4

Microsoft (Internship) Branches Allowed : CSE , IT Stipend : 35k / month Round 1: It was an online round conducted by cocubes. It had about 15 questions and time allotted was 30 minutes. Questions were multiple choice and were mainly from C language, aptitude and PnC. There were few questions from OS, CSA as Read More →

Cvent Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Cvent Software Developer Profile (2-7 years exp.) Interview Process: Written test: Its a online test on codility. 1 question(Basic array related problem) in 45 mins. Try to write fully compiled code as much optimized as you can. Q. Find 2 number in the array whose difference is minimum. Array is unsorted. Complexity should be less Read More →

Amazon Interview Questions – Set 7

Company : Amazon CTC: 16.5 LPA   Round 1: Online Round (90 mins):1. 20 MCQ2. 2 coding questions • Find the diameter of a tree • Print all anagrams pair in separate line Round 2: (PI 1) Find the next larger element in a BST, given key might not be in the BST. O(logn) time Read More →

Campus Placement Paper – Set 1

Below questions are based on experience of students from various universities(NITs, IITs, BITS, DCE and many other reputed institutes). These question will surely help you in preparing for interviews of BIG IT giants(Amazon, Microsoft, Netapp, DE Shaw, Flipkart, Snapdeal,, Epic system, Zomato, Expedia etc). So get ready and try solving these questions. Programming Questions Read More →

Expedia Interview Questions – Set 1

Interview Details: Interview process was fairly fast but a bit heavy. There were 4 technical interviews and 1 HR. It turns out to be not too difficult as some questions are duplicated in all the interviews. Technical Questions: Q1. With a linked list data structure, find if a given string is palindrome or not. Q2. Read More →

Remove Duplicates from a Linked List

Given an unsorted linked list, and without using a temporary buffer, write a method that will delete any duplicates from the linked list.  Implemntation: Complexity: O(n^2) If you can sort the list in O(nlogn) then it will take O(nlogn). Post your solution in comments.

Amazon Interview Questions – Set 6

My process started off at one their hiring drives.  It was a hiring drive in world trade center in Bangalore. It was a tiresome process that comprised a written round followed by 4 rounds of interview. 1st Round (Written round) : Q1. Given a string of parenthesis, write a function if it is balanced. Q2. Given two linked lists each Read More →