Freecharge Interview Questions – Set 1

FreeCharge Interview Experience for Senior Software Engineer Telephone screening Questions about project and technologies used. Technical Interview : F2F Q1. What are ACID properties with real life examples. Q2. What is Linked list and reverse the linked list using single pointer/ 2 pointers. Q3. What is RDBMS. Q4. What is virtual memory Q5. What are Read More →

Walmart Labs Interview Experience – Set 1

Company : Walmart Labs Interview Type : Campus Placement Round 1 (Written Test) : It was an online test of 90 minutes and was conducted on Hackerearth. It consisted of 10 MCQ’s and 2 coding questions. MCQ’s consisted of general aptitude questions, questions related to networking, programming etc and very easy. Coding Questions: Q1. Given Read More →

Microsoft Interview Questions – Set 5 (On campus)

Company: Microsoft Location : Hyderabad College : PSIT Round 1 (Multiple choice questions) Q1. Intersection of two linked list. Q2. Given a sentence say, “these are twelve pens and thirty two sheets” convert this sentence to “these are 12 pens and 32 sheets”. We were asked to do it inline. The interviewer called each one Read More →

Flipkart Interview Questions – Set 5

I recently interviewed for Senior Software Engineer at Flipkart. This is my interview experience. Technical Interview Rounds :- Round 1: Q1. Tell me if binary tree is BST? Q2. Given a stream of integers, give me median at any time. Q3. Given a sorted array, being rotated; Find an element in it. Round 2: Q1. Read More →

Colour of the Bear?

Puzzle: A bear falling from a height of 10m on the ground in square root of 2 seconds. what is colour of bear? We would advise you to think yourself before reading the answer below. Solution: S=(1/2)g(t^2) or g=(2S)/(t^2) So g=10m/s, this is the maximum value of gravity on earth and occurs at the POLES. Read More →

How Much Money He had Initially ?

Puzzle: One person has some money in his pocket, He visits four temple on the way. As soon as he enters a temple, his money gets double and he offers Rs. 100 in each temple thus his pocket gets empty after he returns from the fourth temple. Now the question is how much money he Read More →

Check Whether a Given Point Lies inside a Triangle or not

Given three corner points of a triangle, and one more point P. Write a function to check whether P lies within the triangle or not. The program needs to read the values of three coordinates A(x1,y1) B(x2,y2) C(x3,y3) as well as another coordinate P(x,y) and determine whether this point is inside a triangle formed from Read More →

Matching Nuts & Bolts Problem (Lock & Key problem)

Problem: Matching nuts and bolts problem can be stated as follows: “Given a collection of n nuts of distinct sizes and n bolts such that there is a one-to-one correspondence between the nuts and the bolts, find for each nut its corresponding bolt.” We can only compare nuts to bolts i.e., we can neither compare Read More →

Write Power Function without using multiplication(*) and division(/) operators

Write your own Power function without using multiplication(*) and division(/) operators? (Using Nested Loops) We can calculate power by using repeated addition. For example to calculate 5^4. 1) First 5 times add 5, we get 25. (5^2) 2) Then 5 times add 25, we get 125. (5^3) 3) Then 5 time add 125, we get Read More →

Sort an almost sorted array where only two elements are swapped

Problem: Given an almost sorted array where only two elements are swapped, how to sort the array efficiently? Expected time complexity is O(n) and only one swap operation to fix the array. Input: arr[] = {1, 5, 3} // 3 and 5 are swapped Output: arr[] = {1, 3, 5} The idea is to traverse Read More →

Delete Duplicate Records

Write a SQL query to delete all duplicate email entries in a table, keeping only unique emails based on its smallest Id. +—-+———————-+ | Id | Email +—-+———————-+ | 1 | [email protected] | | 2 | [email protected] | | 3 | [email protected] | +—-+———————–+ Id is the primary key column for this table. For example, Read More →

Samsung India Interview Questions – Set 4

Company : Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore (SRI – Bangalore) earlier known as Samsung Electronics India Software Operations (SISO) Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore is one of Samsung’s Research & Development centers among other global R&D hubs. Campus Placement Process: Written Test > Interview > HR Written (Aptitude Test): The test had 2 Read More →

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