Adobe Interview Questions – Set 4

Hi, I was recently interviewed for MTS at Adobe. Here is my interview experience: 1)Online aptitude test 2)Online technical test : It comprised of C MCQs and coding question(in any language). Coding questions were: Q1. To check if the parenthesis are balanced. Q2. Matrix has rows in the form of 1’s followed by0’s.Find the row Read More →

Oracle Interview Questions – Set 3

Interview Experience of ORACLE (OFSS) College NIT Trichy Eligibility Criteria :- >=6 Pointer Out of 10 Four Student got Selected here I am sharing one of them. Hi all, Hope you all are preparing well. Sharing my experience for OFSS. It should be enough for you for this firm at least. There are three rounds Read More →

Amazon Interview Questions – Set 12

Company : Amazon Campus : NIT Trichi Interview Type : Campus Placement Eligibility criteria : >= 8 pointer out of 10 Round 1 (Written Test): 20 objective(c+os+dbms+networking) + 2 coding question Question 1: Generate the following pattern when x is given upto Nth terms For ex: Input: x=2 ,N=5 OUTPUT: 2 12 1112 3112 132112 Read More →

Microsoft Interview Questions – Set 7

Company : Microsoft Campus : NIT Trichi Interview Type : Campus Placement Eligibility criteria : >=7 Pointer Out of 10 Three Student got Selected here I am sharing one of them. _____________________________________________________ Microsoft Experience: Group Fry: they asked next greater permutation of a given number. Example: 123->132. And proper code was asked! Round 1: Tell Read More →

Coupon Dunia Interview Questions – Set 1

Company : Coupon Dunia Profile : Software Engineer CTC : 10 LPA Name: Utkarsh Shahdeo (CSE) Round 1 (Online Coding): Platform: HackerRank Description: The first round was an online coding round. The standard of questions were pretty decent, comparable to Topcoder Div2 500. It was a 90 min test and anyone who solved at least Read More →

Amazon Interview Questions – Set 11 (Internship)

Company : Amazon Branches : CS & IT Interview Type : On campus (Internship) Interview Process: Cut off: 75%. Round 1: 90 minutes It comprised of 20 MCQs on aptitude, operating system, DBMS, data structures and algorithms on Hackerrank. There were 2 coding questions 1. Given a string find the first non repeating character in Read More →

Microsoft Interview Questions – Set 6 (On campus Internship)

Company : Microsoft Branches : CS & IT Interview Type : On campus (Internship) Interview Process: There were a total of 4 rounds. Round 1: (MCQ round ) In this round there were a total of 15 MCQ’s and the time alloted was 30 mins.The questions were mainly from C/C++/Java output finding, pointers and references Read More →

Goldman Sachs Interview Questions – Set 2

Company : Goldman Sachs College : BITS Profile : SDE Interview Type : On campus CTC: 13 lpa Candidate: Mitesh Kumar Singh (CSE) Interview Process: Round 1 (Online MCQ): Online MCQ Round with 4 sections Time Allotted: 1 hr 1. Technical C,C++,JAVA and OOP concepts Questions were lengthy but with good concepts, they could easily Read More →

Freescale Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Freescale Semiconductor College: Bits Mesra Interview Type: On campus CTC: 10.14 lpa Interview Process: Branches Allowed: ECE, EEE Name: Shubham Saurabh (ECE) Round 1 (Written Technical Test): There were 15 questions of subjective type and the time given was 90 minutes. The questions were mostly from Digital Electronics and VLSI. Questions related to waveform Read More →

Oracle Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: Oracle(Server technology) Interview Type: On campus Interview Process: I would like to share my experience about my recruitment process with ORACLE. Oracle procedure consists of. 1) Online aptitude Round 2) Coding Round 3) 2-3 Technical Rounds and 1 HR Round Technical Questions Round 1: Q1. How is a file transferred via ftp and how Read More →

Oracle Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Oracle Profile: Application Developer Interview Type: On campus Pattern: written + 3 Tech Interview + 1 HR Type: Online, Cgpa criteria: NO Written exam Modules: 2hrs (no -ve marking) 1. Coding skills(comprehension oriented) 2. Computer science knowledge (basic) 3. Software engineering aptitude 4. Written English Interview Rounds: Round 1: Q1. You are given a Read More →

Freecharge Interview Questions – Set 1

FreeCharge Interview Experience for Senior Software Engineer Telephone screening Questions about project and technologies used. Technical Interview : F2F Q1. What are ACID properties with real life examples. Q2. What is Linked list and reverse the linked list using single pointer/ 2 pointers. Q3. What is RDBMS. Q4. What is virtual memory Q5. What are Read More →

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