Interview Experiences

Microsoft Interview Questions – Set 8 (Intern + Full Time Employee)

15 MCQs on c/c++ output based, 1 java questions was also there. F2F Interview Round 1: Q1. The interviewer first discussed about my projects, specially my data mining project. Q2. Convert a Binary Tree to Doubly Link List in place? Round 2: Q1. One DBMS query select 2nd max salary from table, Q2. OS questions Read More →

Amazon Interview Questions – Set 13 (On campus)

Round 1 (Online test : MCQ+Coding) -Online on Hackerrank Coding Questions: Q1. Print all possible words from phone digits? Q2. Given a matrix where elements are inserted as 1 to n in row 0, n+1 to 2n in row 1 and so on till n^2 and you traverse the matrix in spiral manner, find the Read More →

Snapdeal Interview Questions – Set 4

Software Development Engineer In Test Interview I applied through a recruiter. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Snapdeal (Gurgaon, Haryana). 2 Round was on developing the automation framework approaches and general java based algorithm to some complex variations to puzzle you. Q1. Find the first non repetitive element in an array. Q2. Implement Read More →

Shopclues Interview Questions – Set 1

Hi my name is Surender. Shopclues recently visited our campus for recruitment.I’m mentioning below there interview process and the interview questions asked. Three Rounds(1 written + 2 interviews) Round 1 (Written Test) It consisted of eleven aptitude questions which were to be solved in one hour. For software profile there were five more questions based Read More →

Oxigen Wallet Interview Questions – Set 1

Round 1: Online coding test on Round 2: Q1. Linked list multiplication: Given two linked list that represents polynomial return a pointer to linked list which is multiplication of the two. struct node { int coeff; int exp; struct node*next; }; example: 4x(2)-2x+1 x-1 answer : 4x(3)-6x(2)+3x-1 Q2. Suppose when user chooses OxygenWallet as Read More →

Flipkart Interview Questions – Set 6

I had interview with Flipkart for SDE . There was two technical round both guys was cool and interview process was very nice when i got stuck they provide me hint. Round 1: Q1. You have a infinite stream of repeated number find top K frequent number from this stream and discussion on this question Read More →

Paytm Interview Questions – Set 2

Crazyforcode has helped me a lot. In order to help other students I would like to share my experience. Tech Round 1: Q1. How will you balance a binary search tree? Q2. Implement two stack in an array . Interviewer was confused about questions so he doesn’t ask about it? Q3. The other question was Read More →

Oyo Rooms Interview Questions – Set 1

I have been approached through consultancy. Interview Questions: Round 1: Q1. Given a matrix with cost of visiting each cell move from 0,0 to m,n in minimum cost when you can only move left or down. Q2. Given an array of integers, update the index with multiplication of previous and next integers, e.g. Input: 2 Read More →

Grofers Interview Experience – Set 1

Recently I am interviewed for Grofers SDE-1 position in Gurgaon. Round 1 (40 mins) Thorough discussion about the projects. My major work was on LAMP stack and since the projects were live, so the interviewer kept on grilling me. Questions on the database, challenges faced, control flow were asked. He even asked the implementation of Read More →

Urbanclap Interview Experience – Set 1

I applied through recruiter. The process took two days and Questions asked was both algorithm based and design based.Interviewer was very Helpful and Friendly.Culture and Working Environment is very Nice. Interview Questions: Q1. Intro about me and my current work. Q2. Work experience in android. Q3. Asked me to tell about the app I am Read More →

Adobe Interview Questions – Set 4

Hi, I was recently interviewed for MTS at Adobe. Here is my interview experience: 1)Online aptitude test 2)Online technical test : It comprised of C MCQs and coding question(in any language). Coding questions were: Q1. To check if the parenthesis are balanced. Q2. Matrix has rows in the form of 1’s followed by0’s.Find the row Read More →

Oracle Interview Questions – Set 3

Interview Experience of ORACLE (OFSS) College NIT Trichy Eligibility Criteria :- >=6 Pointer Out of 10 Four Student got Selected here I am sharing one of them. Hi all, Hope you all are preparing well. Sharing my experience for OFSS. It should be enough for you for this firm at least. There are three rounds Read More →