Amazon Interview Questions – Set 8 (On campus)

Campus: MNIT jaipur 2014 batch

CTC Offered:  21LPA

Online Round (90 minutes):
20 Basic MCQs (Data structure, C, C++, OS, Aptitude, Networks).
2 programs.

Technical Interview:

Q1. Check given binary tree is BST or not?

Q2. Find 2nd maximum element in a given array in one iteration.

Q3. Given a distance n. A person standing at position 0 has to reach n. He can either take 1 step or 2 steps at a time. In how many ways he can reach there.

Q4. A string is given to you, and you have to find out first non-repeating char.

Q5. Find power(a, n) iteratively without extra space in O(log n) time. He gave me a lot of hints. But unfortunately I couldn’t solve it.

Q6.  Pre-order traversal of a binary tree without using recursion.

Q7. An array of string is given in sorted order but it can have any no of null sting in between. One another string you have to search in that array of string. If string found then return the index of that, otherwise return -1.

Q8.  For implementing a dictionary which data structure you will use..???
I answered I’ll use Trie .
He spelled ‘T’’R’ ’E’ ’E’…
Then I said no sir ‘T’ ‘R’ ‘I’ ‘E’…
I explained with structure of trie how it is useful, beneficial and efficient.
He told me to implement it in Tree.
I did that…By BST

A very best of luck to all of you for your upcoming interviews.

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