Placement Papers 2015

Microsoft Interview Questions – Set 7

Company : Microsoft Campus : NIT Trichi Interview Type : Campus Placement Eligibility criteria : >=7 Pointer Out of 10 Three Student got Selected here I am sharing one of them. _____________________________________________________ Microsoft Experience: Group Fry: they asked next greater permutation of a given number. Example: 123->132. And proper code was asked! Round 1: Tell Read More →

Amazon Interview Questions – Set 11 (Internship)

Company : Amazon Branches : CS & IT Interview Type : On campus (Internship) Interview Process: Cut off: 75%. Round 1: 90 minutes It comprised of 20 MCQs on aptitude, operating system, DBMS, data structures and algorithms on Hackerrank. There were 2 coding questions 1. Given a string find the first non repeating character in Read More →

Goldman Sachs Interview Questions – Set 2

Company : Goldman Sachs College : BITS Profile : SDE Interview Type : On campus CTC: 13 lpa Candidate: Mitesh Kumar Singh (CSE) Interview Process: Round 1 (Online MCQ): Online MCQ Round with 4 sections Time Allotted: 1 hr 1. Technical C,C++,JAVA and OOP concepts Questions were lengthy but with good concepts, they could easily Read More →

Freescale Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Freescale Semiconductor College: Bits Mesra Interview Type: On campus CTC: 10.14 lpa Interview Process: Branches Allowed: ECE, EEE Name: Shubham Saurabh (ECE) Round 1 (Written Technical Test): There were 15 questions of subjective type and the time given was 90 minutes. The questions were mostly from Digital Electronics and VLSI. Questions related to waveform Read More →

Microsoft Interview Questions – Set 5 (On campus)

Company: Microsoft Location : Hyderabad College : PSIT Round 1 (Multiple choice questions) Q1. Intersection of two linked list. Q2. Given a sentence say, “these are twelve pens and thirty two sheets” convert this sentence to “these are 12 pens and 32 sheets”. We were asked to do it inline. The interviewer called each one Read More →

Expedia Interview Questions – Set 2 (On campus)

I had an on campus interview with Expedia. Here are the details of the company’s written and interview process. Written Round : Questions were on Error output, Java, Sql, Time complexity etc Round 1 : Q1. Reverse a string, complexity, complete code. Q2. Given a series of positive integers. Design an efficient algorithm that can Read More →

Facebook Interview Questions – Set 2

Where do I start? Topcoder is a good resource for diving right in – they host weekly contests (including a rating system that allows you to track your progress) and keep an archive of past contests that you can work through on your own time. If you don’t fancy the idea of competing in a Read More →

Basic Electronics Questions – Set 1

1. Insights of an inverter. Explain the working? 2. Insights of a 2 input NOR gate. Explain the working? 3. Insights of a 2 input NAND gate. Explain the working? 4. Implement F= not (AB+CD) using CMOS gates? 5. Insights of a pass gate. Explain the working? 6. Why do we need both PMOS and Read More →

Snapdeal Interview Questions (On Campus) – Set 3

Company: Snapdeal Position: Software Developer Round 1: First round was online written round.It consists of 25 Questions. 22 MCQ’s and 3 Coding questions. Written Test was conducted by hackerrank. Q1. Check for balanced parentheses in an expression. Q2. Given an array where each element is the money a person have and there is only Rs. Read More →

SAP Labs Interview Questions – Set 3 (On Campus)

Type: Campus Placement Candidate Experience Company: SAP Labs College: NIT Delhi Hi guys , SAP Labs came to our campus. These are some questions they asked me Round 1: Q1. Find Minimum and Maximum of an array in only one traversal. Q2. Given a chessboard find the maximum number of squares present? Q3. What is Read More →

Linkedin Interview Questions – Set 2

Online Coding Round: 3 coding Questions in 1 hour : Q1. Given a binary search tree and a key, if found return 1 else -1. Q2. Given a string find the number of distinct substrings (should optimise time and space complexity) Q3. Given a string find the number of distinct palindromic substrings(should optimise time complexity) Read More →

Snapdeal Interview Questions – Set 2

Recently Snapdeal came to our campus. Online Test- 22 (MCQ) +2 (Coding) in 1 hr. Test conducted on hackerrank 22 MCQ had almost 10 aptitude and 12 C output based questions. Coding Question: Q1. Given a string of parenthesis only, check if it’s valid or not. Q2. Given points of two lines segments A(x1,y1 x2,y2) Read More →