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Nugget Numbers | Math Brain Teaser

Puzzle: At McDonald’s you can order Chicken McNuggets in boxes of 6,9, and 20. What is the largest number of nuggets that you cannot order using any combination of the above? Puzzle Solution: 43 It is possible to achieve all multiples of 3 that are bigger than 6, through the 6s and 9s alone. Adding Read More →

Top 10 Brain Teasers

Ready to challenge your brain? Here’s our collection of brain teasers and the answers! Most people get these wrong. Try now these brain teasers! 1. Red and Blue Balls in a Bag You have 20 Blue balls and 10 Red balls in a bag. You put your hand in the bag and take off two Read More →

Car Wheels Problem

Puzzle: A car has 4 tyres and 1 spare tyre. Each tyre can travel a maximum distance of 20000 kilometers before wearing off. What is the maximum distance the car can travel. You are allowed to change tyres (using the spare tyre) unlimited number of times. Note: All tyres are used upto their full strength. Read More →

Rope Escape Puzzle

Puzzle: Jim is trapped at the top of a building which is 200m high. He has with him a rope 150m long. There is a hook at the top where he stands. Looking down, he notices that midway between him and the ground, at a height of 100m, there is a ledge with another hook. Read More →

Flower Pot Puzzle

Puzzle: Sara has 6 flower pots, each having a unique flower. Pots are arranged in an arbitrary sequence in a row. Sara rearranges the sequence each day but not two pots should be arranged adjacent to each other which were already adjacent to each other in previous arrangement. How many days she can do this Read More →

King Octopus and Servants Puzzle

Puzzle: King Octopus has servants with six, seven, or eight legs. The servants with seven legs always lie, but the servants with either six or eight legs always say the truth. One day, 4 servants met : The blue one says: “Altogether we have 28 legs”; the green one says: “Altogether we have 27 legs”; Read More →

3 Baskets And 4 Balls Puzzle

Puzzle: You have 3 baskets and each basket contains exactly 4 balls, each balls is of the same size. Each ball is either red, black, yellow, or orange, and there is one of each color in each basket. If you were blindfolded, and lightly shook each basket so that the balls would be randomly distributed, Read More →

Chasing Dog Puzzle

Puzzle: There are four dogs each at the corner of a unit square. Each of the dogs starts chasing the dog in the clockwise direction. They all run at the same speed and continuously change their direction accordingly so that they are always heading straight towards the other dog. How long does it take for the Read More →

Heavy and Light Balls Puzzle

Puzzle: You have 2 ball of each A,B,C colors and each color have 1 light and 1 heavy ball. All light balls are of same weight same goes for heavy. Find out weight type of each ball in minimum chances. You can use a two sided balance system (not the electronic one). This puzzle was Read More →

Grandma and Cake – Logical Puzzle

Puzzle: You are on your way to visit your Grandma, who lives at the end of the valley. It’s her anniversary, and you want to give her the cakes you’ve made. Between your house and her house, you have to cross 5 bridges, and as it goes in the land of make believe, there is a troll under every Read More →

Handshake Problem

Problem: At a party, everyone shook hands with everybody else. There were 66 handshakes. How many people were at the party? This question is asked in Infosys written. Solution: Lets say there are n persons 1st person shakes hand with everyone else: n-1 times(n-1 persons) 2nd person shakes hand with everyone else(not with 1st as Read More →

Prisoner and two Doors Puzzle


Problem: Court takes decision to relax the sentence given to criminal if he can solve a puzzle. Criminal has to take decision to open one of the doors. Behind each door is either a lady or a tiger. They may be both tigers, both ladies or one of each. If the criminal opens a door Read More →