MakeMyTrip Interview Questions – Set 1

MakeMyTrip Interview Questions

Q1. find out the subset of an array of continuous positive numbers from a larger array whose sum of of the elements is larger in comparision to other subset. eg: {1,2 5 -7, 2 5} .The two subarrays are {1,2,5} {2,5} and the ans is {1,2, 5} as its sum is larger than{2,5}

Q2. Given two classes C1 and C2 which are almost same.(remember not exactly same). You want to choose best among these classes so that it can be use as key in hashmap.
What question will you ask regarding two classes C1 and C2.

Q3. You are given two strings s1 and s2.Now, find the smallest substring in s1 containing all characters of s2.

Q4. Questions on OOPS (almost all the concepts were covered like polymorphism, overriding, overloading, inheritance, concept of virtual fxns etc.)

Q5. Write algo for reversing a linked list.

Q6. What is lazy loading? Advantages and disadvantages of the same?

Q7. How ajax works? Difference between angular js and jquery?

Q8. Design a traffic light system?

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