Technical Interview Questions

Snapdeal Interview Questions – Set 4

Software Development Engineer In Test Interview I applied through a recruiter. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Snapdeal (Gurgaon, Haryana). 2 Round was on developing the automation framework approaches and general java based algorithm to some complex variations to puzzle you. Q1. Find the first non repetitive element in an array. Q2. Implement Read More →

Oxigen Wallet Interview Questions – Set 1

Round 1: Online coding test on Round 2: Q1. Linked list multiplication: Given two linked list that represents polynomial return a pointer to linked list which is multiplication of the two. struct node { int coeff; int exp; struct node*next; }; example: 4x(2)-2x+1 x-1 answer : 4x(3)-6x(2)+3x-1 Q2. Suppose when user chooses OxygenWallet as Read More →

Flipkart Interview Questions – Set 6

I had interview with Flipkart for SDE . There was two technical round both guys was cool and interview process was very nice when i got stuck they provide me hint. Round 1: Q1. You have a infinite stream of repeated number find top K frequent number from this stream and discussion on this question Read More →

Paytm Interview Questions – Set 2

Crazyforcode has helped me a lot. In order to help other students I would like to share my experience. Tech Round 1: Q1. How will you balance a binary search tree? Q2. Implement two stack in an array . Interviewer was confused about questions so he doesn’t ask about it? Q3. The other question was Read More →

Oyo Rooms Interview Questions – Set 1

I have been approached through consultancy. Interview Questions: Round 1: Q1. Given a matrix with cost of visiting each cell move from 0,0 to m,n in minimum cost when you can only move left or down. Q2. Given an array of integers, update the index with multiplication of previous and next integers, e.g. Input: 2 Read More →

Adobe Interview Questions – Set 4

Hi, I was recently interviewed for MTS at Adobe. Here is my interview experience: 1)Online aptitude test 2)Online technical test : It comprised of C MCQs and coding question(in any language). Coding questions were: Q1. To check if the parenthesis are balanced. Q2. Matrix has rows in the form of 1’s followed by0’s.Find the row Read More →

Coupon Dunia Interview Questions – Set 1

Company : Coupon Dunia Profile : Software Engineer CTC : 10 LPA Name: Utkarsh Shahdeo (CSE) Round 1 (Online Coding): Platform: HackerRank Description: The first round was an online coding round. The standard of questions were pretty decent, comparable to Topcoder Div2 500. It was a 90 min test and anyone who solved at least Read More →

Oracle Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Oracle Profile: Application Developer Interview Type: On campus Pattern: written + 3 Tech Interview + 1 HR Type: Online, Cgpa criteria: NO Written exam Modules: 2hrs (no -ve marking) 1. Coding skills(comprehension oriented) 2. Computer science knowledge (basic) 3. Software engineering aptitude 4. Written English Interview Rounds: Round 1: Q1. You are given a Read More →

Freecharge Interview Questions – Set 1

FreeCharge Interview Experience for Senior Software Engineer Telephone screening Questions about project and technologies used. Technical Interview : F2F Q1. What are ACID properties with real life examples. Q2. What is Linked list and reverse the linked list using single pointer/ 2 pointers. Q3. What is RDBMS. Q4. What is virtual memory Q5. What are Read More →

Flipkart Interview Questions – Set 5

I recently interviewed for Senior Software Engineer at Flipkart. This is my interview experience. Technical Interview Rounds :- Round 1: Q1. Tell me if binary tree is BST? Q2. Given a stream of integers, give me median at any time. Q3. Given a sorted array, being rotated; Find an element in it. Round 2: Q1. Read More →

DE Shaw Interview Questions – Set 3

Interview Process with D E Shaw India is very lengthy and it involved nearly 5 rounds for me. Even though I heard so many reviews there would be huge work pressure and that the employees will have to work for nearly 12 hrs daily, I decided to give it a go to see how the Read More →

Amazon Interview Questions – Set 10 (SDE 1)

Amazon chennai this years new and latest off and on campus recruitment procedure. College: PSIT Location: Chennai Hi, Recently I was interviewed for the SDE-I for Amazon, Chennai. Some of the questions here I am sharing based on my memory. They were looking for really cool coders. High expectation on accurate answers. looking for deep Read More →