Mirror image of a binary tree

Write a program to create a mirror copy of a binary tree i.e. left nodes become right and right nodes become left.


Solution 1 : Following program will create a new mirror tree.

struct node
    int value;
    struct node* left;
    struct node* right;

struct node *mirrorTree(struct node *root)
  struct node *temp;
  temp = (struct node *) malloc(sizeof(struct node));
  temp->value = root->value;

  temp->left  = mirrorTree(root->right);
  temp->right = mirrorTree(root->left);


Solution 2: This program will convert tree into it’s mirror tree.

void tree_mirror(struct node* node) 
   struct node *temp;

   if (node==NULL) 

      // Swap the pointers in this node 
      temp = node->left; 
      node->left = node->right; 
      node->right = temp; 

2 Thoughts on “Mirror image of a binary tree

  1. Satveer Singh on May 29, 2014 at 5:09 pm said:

    i think we cannot do clone and mirror two operation together so approach 1 will fail….
    Did u check it what is output….we should do first clone then once it get done called mirror function…….

  2. node *mirrorImage(node *root) {
    if (!root)
    return NULL;
    else {
    node *nnode = new node(root->val);
    nnode->left = mirrorImage(root->right);
    nnode->right = mirrorImage(root->left);
    return nnode;

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