Nextag (Wize Commerce) Interview Questions

I apperaed for Nextag(wize Commerce) interview SSE profile recently.I would like to share my interview experience here.

Round 1

Q1. Split the array into 2 arrays such that difference between sum is minimum?
Q2. A long number ie 123956778 is given. Get the digit from position given as input? ie. 4th digit is 9.
Q3. Print the numbers from 1st array that rae not present in 2nd array?
Q4. 8 marbles puzzle, 1 is heavy?
Q5 Train coming in tunnel, 2 boys in middle, speed of train puzzle?

Round 2

Q1. Can abstract class may have constructor?
Q2. What is order of calling constructors in super class and child class?
Q3. setTimeout in jquery?
Q4. How to set a link to open in a new window that will open in background?
Q5. Use of super?
Q6. Why is a manhole cover round?

Round 3

Q1. Reverse a linked list?
Q2. Middle elemnt of a linked list?
Q3. Loop in linked list? Where will loop start and why?
Q4. Myisam and innodb difference?
Q5. Difference between delete, drop and truncate in mysql?
Q6. insert will be fast in which- innodb or myisam?
Q7. How to change $ in jquery to replace with any other symbol? Ans: var jq = jquery.noconfict()
Q8. Abstract class and interface?
Q9. Static in php?
Q10. Why multiple inheritence not possible in java?

I would suggest to be clear with your java concepts to clear the interview of Nextag.

Thanks Ankit Singh for contributing this article.

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