Bharti SoftBank (HIKE) Interview Questions – Set 2

Written Test
1. The test consisted of 10 MCQ’s on Aptitude and 10 MCQ’s on C programming.
2. It also consisted of 2 programming questions which were easy.

Technical Interview:

Q1. Find the mirror image of a binary tree.

Q2. Maximum length path between any two nodes in a tree.

Q3. A question on Btrees?

Q4. How will you you write your own HashMap in java.Was asked to mention what classes I’ll use their functions .How I will handle things like collision , resizing etc.

Q5. Design a parking lot?

Q6. Then He started with questions on Object Oriented programming like inheritance, virtual classes, operator overloading etc.

Q7. Questions on core java concepts like threads,synchronization etc.

Q8. How to traverse a tree inorder without using recursion.

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