DE Shaw Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: DE Shaw
Off campus (Bangalore) (0-1 yr experience)
Role : Software Developer

Round 1: (Written Test)
20 Aptitude – Basic Quantitative Apt questions
20 Technical – C,C++ & JAVA related, Finding output, Basic Concepts

Round 2:
Q1. find maximum length BST in a given binary tree?
Q2. Write an algorithm to find the absolute max subsequence of an array containing both positive and negative numbers in O(n) time ?
Q3. Given an array eliminate the duplicates and print it. Linear time complexity?
Q4. Balancing of Btrees / AVL trees?

Round 3:
Q1. Two cops and a robber are located on opposite corners of a cube and move along its edges. They all move at the same rate. Is it possible for the cops to catch the robber. [Each of the 3 people can see each other at all times and can react instantaneously to each others movements. Stopping is allowed.]
Q2. In some tournament 139 teams have participated. Tournament is knock out. what is the number of matches to choose the champion to be held?
Q3. OS concepts – Threading, Deadlocks, Paging etc
Q4. Databases Questions – Transactions, ACID etc
Q5. project details in your resume?

Round 4:
Q1. Given a 7mt long gold bar , need to cut and give to worker for 7 days (1 meter long) How many min cuts?
Q2. Write algo to mirror a given Binary Tree?
Q3. Find the next largest int of a given int such that it has same number of 1′s in binary?

Hope this Helps !

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One Thought on “DE Shaw Interview Questions – Set 2

  1. What is the answer of Round 3, Q1?

    In my opinion it is No. as the robber will always have 4 directions to move on. Additionally, both the cops cannot cover him from both the sides of edge, as soon as robber sense his way is blocked (which should be before he reached mid way), he can move back and choose alternate route.

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