Flipkart Interview Questions – Set 5

I recently interviewed for Senior Software Engineer at Flipkart. This is my interview experience.

Technical Interview Rounds :-

Round 1:

Q1. Tell me if binary tree is BST?

Q2. Given a stream of integers, give me median at any time.

Q3. Given a sorted array, being rotated; Find an element in it.

Round 2:

Q1. Need an efficient solution for the problem.
Given an array a[], find three indices (triplets) i,j,k such that:
1. i < j < k
2. a[i] < a[j] < a[k]
3. a[i] + a[j] + a[k] <= t , where t is a given sum
Array is not necessarily sorted. Have to count number of such triplets.

Q2. Construct a BST with preorder and inorder traversals given

Round 3:

Q1. Identify Trending Topics with many constraints like demographic regions/gender/religion etc. Discussion on the best methods.

Q2. An iron rod is given that has to be cut in a manner such that the cost is maximized. Different rod sizes have different costs and there is a cutting cost involved.

Q3. Deletion in a binary search tree?

Last round was a telephonic round with VP after few days.

Round 4 : VP Round (Telephonic – 50mins)

1. Discussion on projects.
2. Behavioral questions. Interests, why willing to change etc.

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