Microsoft Interview Questions – Set 5 (On campus)

Company: Microsoft
Location : Hyderabad
College : PSIT

Round 1 (Multiple choice questions)

Q1. Intersection of two linked list.

Q2. Given a sentence say, “these are twelve pens and thirty two sheets” convert this sentence to “these are 12 pens and 32 sheets”. We were asked to do it inline. The interviewer called each one of us and asked us to explain the approach.we were asked to minimize the space and time complexity.

Round 2:

Q1. Given a linked list of moves of 2 players in tic-tac-toe game . Find who has won the game.

Q2. Given a client and a server and each of them has a queue in it. Client has to copy the contents of the queue to the server once the internet connection is up. The amount of data which it can copy at one go is fixed(Say 5 units). Design an approach for this. Let’s say input queue is partitioned as 2MB,4MB,10MB,6MB and the fixed size of the window is 5MB. The output queue also has the same partitions as the input queue. (He was basically testing how i can use operating systems concepts, designing approach and data structures together).

Round 3:

Q1. Asked to how to design a cache for dns records. I have told different approaches like First-in-First-Out, less frequently used,least recently used… He asked me to tell the strategy and code it. I told LRU and implemented this.

Q2. iscussion on projects.
i had done a project on big data on frequent itemset.they were really interested in each and every detail of big data paradigm.

Round 4:

Q1. There is a 3 million character string. u have to print the count of occurrence of each node.
do not jump on to the question. wait for him to complete. i gave count sort pf O(n) solution but he was focusing on more optimized one.

Q2. Given a pile of 9 objects. 2 players take turns to pick 1 , 2 or 3 objects . The last one to pick is the looser. What is the winning strategy? wining strategy for 9 coins?

My tips is to stay cool and enjoy the interview. carefully tell your weakness. Don’t worry to ask questions from interviewer. Take proper use of the time. Focus on designing problems along with data structure.

Crazyforcode and CareerCup is sufficient to prepare.

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