PayU Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: PayU India Profile: Senior Developer Round 1(Telephonic): Q1. Find loop in linked list and remove it? Q2. Prove p^2-1 is divisible by 24 given p is a prime number?   Round 2: Q1. Given number of points in a circle. How many ways chords can drawn in circle with conditions give. I. From any Read More →

Ibibo Web Pvt Ltd. (PayU)

Company : Ibibo (payu, tradus, goibibo) Profile : Senior Software Engineer Round 1(Telephonic) 1. Find if a string is substring of other string. 2. Write a code to multiply two matrices of dimension M*N and N*K. 3. Write a Sql to perform Matrix Multiplication.Two tables has three columns row,col and value. Round 2(F2F) 1.What is Read More →