PayU Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: PayU India
Profile: Senior Developer

Round 1(Telephonic):

Q1. Find loop in linked list and remove it?

Q2. Prove p^2-1 is divisible by 24 given p is a prime number?


Round 2:

Q1. Given number of points in a circle. How many ways chords can drawn in circle with conditions give.
I. From any point only one chrod can be drawn.
II. All points need to be covered.
III. No 2 chords can intersect each other.
Wirte a program once you get formulae for it.

Q2. Database optimization techniques? Indexing and many other ways?

Q3. 2 tables having GB’s of data with no index on any col. You want to fecth the data from join of these tables, what will you do?

Round 3:

Q1. Sharding related questions?

Q2. Load balancing?

Q3. You are standing at point 0,0 in begining. You can move in East(0),West(1),North(3),South(4) any number of steps. Input will be like (0(E),2)-> (1(W),2)-> (3(N),2)->(4(S),1)->(1(W),3) Where will you cross your path?

Round 4:

Q1. Related to my projects and work experience?

Q2. Given an English dictionary (implemented as a hashmap (word -> meaning)) and a string without spaces, output all possible combinations of valid English words that when combined, reproduce the input string. e.g. input: “programmerit” output: {{pro, gram, merit}, {program, merit}, {programmer, it}}


Finally, I got the offer from PayU. I was very Happy. Thanks CrazyforCode for helping me in my preparation :)


2 Thoughts on “PayU Interview Questions – Set 2

  1. Danish Bhatia on September 6, 2015 at 3:04 pm said:

    congratulations you got an offer from pay u
    but i will appriciate if u give the answers to these questions also..
    thank u
    and once again congratulations

  2. You should help out us aspiring pay u candidates by answering these questions, it’ll be much appreciated

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