Jabong.com Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Jabong.com
Profile: PHP Developer

Written Paper :-

It contains 4 questions.
Q1. An array and a number is given. You have to find the no with the min difference with this number?
Q2. Email and Mobile Number validation check regex?
Q3. mysql query question on self join?
Q4. A class and object architecture based on given scenario?

Technical Questions :-

Q1. What is the difference between get and post?
Q2. What is session in php?
Q3. Where does session id is stored in php? How server identifies request has come from which client and many other related questions?
Q4. Cookie in php? Size of the cookie, expiry etc?
Q5. Memcache?
Q6. Myisam and Innnodb?
Q7. Triggers in mysql?
Q8. Overriding and Overloading?
Q9. Static class and static variable?
Q10. Singleton pattern and factory pattern?
Q11. Can constructor be declared as private?
Q12. Indexing in mysql?

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