Mind Teasers

Mind Teasers – Set 3

1. Cars at equator Imagine that there is a highway along the equator of the Earth. Two identical cars (with identical drivers) set off in opposite directions on this highway – one eastwards, and the other, westwards. Which car will wear its tires off first? Why? Show Answer Answer: The car travelling westwards will wear Read More →

Mind Teasers – Set 2

1. Three Bulb There are three bulbs in a room and three switches outside the room corresponding to each bulb. The room is closed and you can’t see inside the room. Determine how would you know which switch is for which bulb if you are allowed to enter the room only once after which the Read More →

Mind Teasers – Set 1

1. Students in Class A problem has been proposed in class. At the end of the lesson it turned out that the number of boys, who had solved the problem, was the same as the number of girls, who had not solved it. Were there more girls in the class than students who had solved Read More →