Netapp interview – Set 1

I am from MNIT Jaipur. I appeared for Netapp campus interview for developer profile recently. I would like to contribute for CrazyforCode by sharing my experience.

First a written round was conducted. Written was based on Programming, Data structure, OS and Aptitude/Quant.

Round 1

→ explain your internship project.

Q1. Define IP tables.
Q2. Write a program to traverse a linked list.
Q3. Write a program to reverse a linked list.
→ how will you do it if you are allowed to use extra space?
Q4. In a knockout football tournament, there are n teams. find total no. of matches to be played
to choose the winner of the tournament.
Q5. Given two nodes of a tree, find their closest ancestor.
Q6. What is segmentation fault?
Q7. If u have a million numbers, how will u find the maximum number from them if
→ the input is given on the fly i.e. the numbers are entered one by one.
→ numbers are given 1000 at a time.
Q8. For a kernel level process, should the variables be stored in a stack or a heap?
Q9. What is internal fragmentation?

Round 2

Q1. Can u compare 2 structure variables in c? why? why not?
→ what is cell padding? why cell padding?
Q2. Where are global (initialized + uninitialized) variables and local variables of a program
Q3. How is the control of program passed from main() to any other function?
where is the return address of main stored?
Q4. How to calculate the square root of a number?? note: your compiler does not support math.h
Q5. If you have 4 eggs and you are in a 30 floor building, find the lowest floor from which the eggs break
when dropped. if on dropping, the egg does not break you can not pick it up again.
Q6. If u hav a file system which is 95% full and now when new files are created, the os deletes
the largest file, find the data structure to be used.
Q7. If we use a heap in Q6, what will be the disadvantages of that approach.
Q8. In a unix or linux file system, how is a file path resolved?
e.g given path of file: /root/home/mnit/abc.txt, how does an os finds where abc.txt is stored in

Round 3

Q1. Explain about your summer internship? what challenges did u face?
→ if you developed a software, what was the lifecycle model used?
Q2. Find an engineering solution to a given social problem.
Q3. We use cylindrical beaker in our daily life to measure different solutions. we have to bend in
front of the beaker to see the level of the solution. find an efficient solution where we dont have to
bend to see the level and we are able to see the level as we pour the solution.
constraint: if cost of original beaker was 10 rs, the new beaker cannot cost more than 12 rs.
hint: think in terms of shape change.

Round 4

Q1. What is your experience of the whole day?
Q2. What part did you like best in our ppt?
Q3. Are you clear about your role in netApp?
Q4. What subjects did u like the best in clg? why?
Q5. Extra curricular activities in clg?
Q6. Any queries about our company or the compensation package etc..

Thanks Shefali Agrawal for contributing this article.

If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

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