Quikr Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Quikr
Profile: Software Developer Profile, Bangalore location

Round 1:

Q1. Given a no K and an array. Find pair of elements whose sum is equal to given no K.
Q2. If there is a website run by 2 servers. These 2 servers balances the load using Load Balancer. So, if 1 session is created on 1 server and say load is shift to another server immediately, then how session is maintained?
Q3. WAP to implement some basic Design Patterns like Singleton?
Q4. Abstract class? How it is different from interface? Is multiple inheritance possible in php? How?
Q5. Write a stored procedure from a given set of tables and conditions. Simple one.

Round 2:

Q1. How to increase php memory at run time, if it exhausts?
Q2. What all we can do with php.ini?
Q3. session and cookies?
Q4. Javascript clausers?
Q5. Jquery function to get domain from a url?

Round 3:

Q1. WAP to get smallest plindron number larger than the given no?
Q2. WAP to check if linked list elements is a palindrome without using any extra space?

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