Goldman Sachs Interview Questions

Goldman Sachs Interview Questions – Set 2

Company : Goldman Sachs College : BITS Profile : SDE Interview Type : On campus CTC: 13 lpa Candidate: Mitesh Kumar Singh (CSE) Interview Process: Round 1 (Online MCQ): Online MCQ Round with 4 sections Time Allotted: 1 hr 1. Technical C,C++,JAVA and OOP concepts Questions were lengthy but with good concepts, they could easily Read More →

Goldman Sachs Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Goldman Sachs Hi, I recently interviewed with Goldman Sachs, and had 4 rounds of interview with them at their campus in Bangalore. Round 1: Q1. Print all nodes at a distance k from a given node in binary tree? Q2. randN function : which generates random number in [1,2,3..N] with equal probability. Given rand5, Read More →