Oracle Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Oracle
Profile: Application Developer
Interview Type: On campus

Pattern: written + 3 Tech Interview + 1 HR
Type: Online, Cgpa criteria: NO

Written exam Modules: 2hrs (no -ve marking)
1. Coding skills(comprehension oriented)
2. Computer science knowledge (basic)
3. Software engineering aptitude
4. Written English

Interview Rounds:

Round 1:

Q1. You are given a Single Linked List containing integer key as data in every node and a head pointer pointing to the first node, you have to delete a node with a given key, you can’t create any new variable. (Copy data of next node to the node which contains k and delete next node).

Q2. Coin change – DP?

Q3. 25 Horses puzzle where you to find top 5 horses.

Round 2:

Q1. Multi Threading , Multi Process and Context switching concepts(in depth)

Q2. Asked Course projects and requires in depth details of it.

Q3. In a exam there are 50 questions. +1 for correct, -1/3 for incorrect and -1/6 for not attempting.
Peter scored 32 in that exam. Find the minimum number of questions he must have done wrong.

Round 3:

Q1. Data Structure used for implementation of dictionary.

Q2. Given an array of n integers(consider +ve and also -ve) ,find an sub array such that sum of that array s maximum.

Round 4 (HR):

Basic HR questions.
Try to make them feel like you will definitely join their company.

At the end I got the offer :). It was a great experience for me.

CrazyforCode is good source and has good collection of questions which will definitely help you.

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