Bharti SoftBank Interview Questions – Set 1

Interview Process(Bharti SoftBank):
Technical Interview (2 Telephonic + 2 F2F) + 1HR

Focus will remain on algorithms. Whatever program they will ask to write, they will also ask to optimize the solution.

Technical Interview Questions:

Q1. Reverse string by words. Give another algorithm other than reversing whole string and then reverse every word.
Q2. Given a pointer to a circular linked list, delete that node?
Q3. A matrix m*n is given. If a cell contains 0 (zero) make that row and column zero.
Q4. Two string S1 and S2 are given, check whether S1 is a shifted version of S2
Q5. Difference between hash map and hash table?
Q6. Design a stack with findMax() (getting maximum element from stack) in O(1)
Q7. Find largest sub – array with equal number of 0′s and 1′s in a binary array?
Q8. Inorder successor in a binary tree?
Q9. Few Java Questions – Process, Thread, Deadlock, Synchronization etc?

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  1. Thanks for the questions

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